Thursday, July 9, 2009

this is me

Sometimes things are tough
Sometimes things are rough
But you can't Give up.
They want you to quit
They wana put you down
]They'd love too see you frown
Stay Strong remember where you came from
No need to act.
Just being me as you can see
An educated black man with a masterplan
I got a 3.0 if you didn't know
Football& Track keeps me outta trouble
This will make my money double
.Sometimes I think I why me?
But determined to be the best now I see
.Don't wana be like him
, him, or even him
its plain to see
Yes I get down with a lil bit of Poetry
.Im Bored out my mind
But Time is time it waits for none.Im Just doing this for fun.Im not better than you or youBut I work harder then you or youMY Frens and Family Mean the Most to me.A bond with them could never break you see.Lip Ring Long Hair Nice cloths Dope Sock football track school church food live laugh frens & family that's me love me or hate I swear it won't make me or break me

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